GCART® stands for Green Cart. GCART® is a weaver centric social enterprise engaged in handloom weaving and products from West Bengal, India. We are working to preserve the art and craft of handlooms by making this craft economically viable for sustained livelihood through market linkages and capacity building. We weave Tussar (Tussah) and Mulberry Silk fabrics on handloom and supply to fashion and home furnishing industry. As an extension and value creation, we produce and market natural silk handloom products through our brand 3stones®. All our products come with Silk Mark certificate of pure silk and Handloom Mark assurance of authentic hand woven. Our own pool of expert craftsmen and women make our fabrics and handcrafted products. Our Quality team ensures all our products meet right quality standards.

GCART®  is registered with Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises, Government of India having registration number: UDYAM-WB-14-0024446. GCART® is registered with Textiles Committee, Ministry of Textiles, Government of India and having Handloom Mark Registration Number: HLM-KOL-90-40020. GCART®  is registered with Central Silk Board, Ministry of Textiles, Government of India. Silk Mark Organization of India Membership Number: SMOI/4159. HANDLOOM WEAVING UNIT: VILLAGE - HAT SIMLA, PANCHAYAT - NASRATPUR, SAMUDRAGARH, PURBA BARDHAMAN, WEST BENGAL 713 519, INDIA