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GCART® stands for Green CartThe idea to start this came from an entrepreneurial thought to bring a bit of nature into urban lives.

But How? After long thought we zeroed on sourcing and distributing hand woven and hand made products.

This led us to our first product the humble gamcha from Bankura in West Bengal.

Coming from West Bengal we had grown up using the gamcha in our childhood and then moved to Terry Towels as we moved to corporate life. On thinking back, we saw some clear advantages of gamcha over the terry towels like easy to dry, light to carry, less space to pack and cheaper to buy.

But we soon realized that quality and availability was an issue.

To sustain in a shrinking user market of gamcha, the weavers were compromising on quality to keep prices low, but this was working negatively with quality conscious users shunning it, further reducing the user market.

Thus, was born 3stones®. A brand that stands for high quality authentic products at affordable price.

Our products are made using natural things following traditional methods by rural artisans.

Our products are free from toxic chemicals and being hand crafted saves on power consumption leading to reduced carbon footprint.

We believe in responsible sourcing with strong social, economic and environmental impacts in true consideration.

We sell handloom made, 100% cotton gamcha on FlipkartAmazon and other channels under 3stones®.

We have also added 3stones® handloom sarees to our portfolio.

3stones® all-natural fiber handloom sarees are available through  www.gcartonline.com  our  e-commerce website besides Flipkart and Amazon.

This is our way of encouraging the continuity of traditional knowledge and contributing to a sustainable life style in harmony with nature – just a bit of nature in our daily lives.

GCART® supports certified Silk and Handloom products. 

GCART® is authorized user of Silk Mark. Silk Mark Organization of India Membership Number: SMOI / 4159 .



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GCART®  is professionally managed by an experienced team with vast experience in weaving, technology and sales.

We source all our products from our own pool of expert craftsmen and women.

Our Quality team is headed by an award-winning Master Weaver who ensures all our products meet right quality standards.